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Creating the GlPortal Map Editor


Figure 1: Screenshot of Blender with the GlPortal Quick Bar and the Type selector.

I am still working on the GlPortal map editor in Blender. I already did a proof of concept version and now I try to flesh it out and make it feel intuitive for somebody that is already familiar with blender. Another goal is to have textures displayed in blender properly so that the mapper will see what he will get.

Discovering Nikola

I have been looking for a way to get a decent static blog software that accepts org-mode files as input format for a while. So far I am very satisfied with in combination with the org-mode plugin Performance wise it is still faster than the pretty slow wordpress and the installation effort it took was acceptable. Check on some reasons why to use a static site generator as opposed to dynamic site generation.

As soon as I find the time to do so I will try to host the commenting service myself with